It would be fair to say that with only 3 days to go until we leave all hell has broken loose and well – I am a gibbering, caffeine fuelled, makeup-less mess……!!!!

Husband’s Pre Holiday TO-DO-LIST….

  1. Lie on couch watching Lisa pack
  2. Fly to Italy

My Pre Holiday TO-DO-LIST….

I think it’s safe to say that hostages have been extracted from life threatening situations with less planning and organising than what is currently going on in my home….all so I can go away relatively guilt free.  Lists and colour coded spreadsheets have been created, detailing every single shitznit thing everyone needs to know.   Meals have been cooked and frozen, easter eggs purchased (and hidden from them and me lol) and reminder post-its attached to every wall.  No s**t…my TDL is 63 items deep — go back and reread husbands list my friends.  Yep!

Some things have been brought to light like a freaking “Las Vegas Neon Sign” in the prep for this trip – I do too much for my spawn and when I get back – holy asshoppers – there’s gonna be changes made.  I’m not sure whether it is because I am a total control freak (in an adorable way obviously) or whether I my uterus has grown 2 of the laziest critters going around.  I think it may be a combo of the two….but mostly they are soul sucking demons right???

Me thinks this little trip will see them realising how incredibly awesome I am (how they don’t already know this is beyond me) and they may actually learn a thing or two and turn over a new leaf (aka have a complete personality overhaul) and begin to help around the house.  I’ll let you drawn your own conclusions on whether you think that will happen.

Hint: unlikely.  Pass the bubbles.

Meanwhile champagne has definitely become one of the major food groups these past few weeks between my work schedule and getting everything organised – in the quest to keep the rising bile of stress at bay – not for any other reason lol. 

WORD OF WARNING – slight problemos can arise with this “self medicating while packing” situ… start to think you are a bit more awesome than you actually are at this frugal packing game and you reach a state of not-giving-a rats and don’t need to take so much along.  All too soon you are on a gondola in Venice in 8 degree temps wearing only a bra, sunnies and a pair of too tight skinny jeans you’ve had to wear for 7 days in a row.  Winning!!!!

Or …. you go completely batshit crazy and overpack (raises hand of guilt) and find yourself standing in the airport faced with the horror of all horrors  *the BASTARD EXCESS BAGGAGE bitch*.  I’m not even ashamed to admit that I am fairly worried about this prospect.  Oh the shame….the mere mention of EB gives me cold sweats!!!  Champagne would be needed (yes.again) so I don’t get all stabby.

See it’s a vicious cycle my friends – getting betterer by the minute indeed!

Below is the carnage happening in the spare room as part of the packing stakes at this stage of the game:-



What’s that I hear you ask “How is she going to pull this together into the packing excellence she has suggested she wears like a badge of honour on her hairy chest?”

This is a very good question my loves… this stage I have no freaking idea but tears and tantrums will be involved *and liquor*.

Okay well things are reaching DEF CON level 9 so I’m gonna stop talking to you lovely losers and actually pack some crap.

Ciao xo


Written by thekellysontour
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