imageWell finally it is here – D Day!!!!

  • D is for Departing from all parental unit responsibilities (insert snoopy happy dance here)
  • D is for Don’t bother me with work stuff (and don’t have any babies while I am away)
  • D is for Dining out and don’t have to cook
  • D is for Don’t know a single person in these countries – woot woot
  • D is for  the Delights of awesomeness we are about to see
  • D is for Diet (what freaking diet)
  • D is for Drinking prosecco morning noon and night *obviously*
  • D is for DEFCON 5 tantrum mode whilst trying to get cases to weigh under the limit
  • D is for Don’t miss me too much you
  • D is for Don’t have enough words to describe how excited I am
  • D is for DAMN….how in donkeykong have husband and I been married for so long when we only look 25 yrs old
  • D is for Don’t be too jealous about my fabulous holiday
  • and finally D is for we DID IT!!!!!  20 years is pretty impressive stuff

PACKING – Well my legendary status at packing took a bit of a hit the past few days.  Apparently (who in the hamfat knew) it’s easier to spread the heavy stuff across 4 suitcases than 2.  It would seem kids do come in handy for something.  Boom….noone is more surprised than me!!!!  Add to that my desire to dress a little less Suzy-tourist dagfest and a little more “Just stepped off a runway in Milan” (okay that’s a freakin lie but go with me) as well as not booking us straight through from Canberra to Rome which means we are restricted to mother chuffing domestic kgs for checked bags (stoopid stoopid stoopid)……all of the above kinda caused my wheels to well and truly fall off and I may have become all scratchy bitch snappy and had a few I CAN’T SHITTING DO THIS moments but finally I straightened my crown and — the zips are done up, weight is all under the excess baggage bitches requirements and I’m feeling AWESOME!!!! Girl power and stuff!!!!!

THANK YOUS – need to make a few special shoutouts to a few special peeps just quickly…

Karen – for finding the incredibly cheap flights and putting into motion a pretty fantabulous way to celebrate our 20TH wedding anniversary

Claire – for minding my babies over the next few days and no doubt pretty much running Fraser’s life while I am gone

Annette – for minding my babies later this week and for picking up MIL from the airport and for the millions of other things she will end up having to handle that we don’t even know about yet lol

Mother-in-law – for running the family for the majority of the time, YOU ARE AWESOME!! I apologise in advance for any naughty puppyness you have to deal with.  I’ve ruined him I know so if you could fix him (and the uterus dwellers) while I am away big kisses coming your way!!!

The Children – without you guys constantly making us want to rock in the corner with your teenager ‘tudes, we never would’ve needed a holiday away from you both so well played….hehe.  Only joking, thanks for stepping up and telling us you will be fine without us and thanks for not having any parties while we are away (ya feel me).  Thanks for helping Gma look after Archie and for promising to run your lives in a well behaved and make mumma proud fashion *pause for hysterical laughter which slowly turns into pathetic tears*

THE BLOG – obviously I will start off being all uber enthusiastic funny queen of awesome writing about our adventures and sharing pretty pics but as the days wear on and the tiredness/husband stabbery hate creeps in, I am going to need a few things from all you sexy legends okay.  You need to let me know you are still there following along, enjoying it, feedback your little butts off either on FB or commenting on the actual blog post or if you have something particularly inappropriate to share (which lord I hope you do haha) you can send me a Fb message or email.  Don’t care how you let me know you still love me, but just do it because otherwise I’ll get all sad and “What in GOD’S NAME and all his kingdom was I thinking” and did I mention tired, throw myself to the floor in a tantrum of “nobody loves me” and give up.  I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a fame whore – well I can’t sing like Adele, act like Cate Blanchett and my butt isn’t as chunky and specatular as Kim Kardashian (almost though) so fame eludes me – but I am a bit of an attention whore without a doubt….so keep showing me the boob squeezy love to keep me spewing forth the swearword bloggery.


So….we fly to Sydney this afternoon and we are staying at the Stamford Hotel overnight because our flight to Rome is super duper early in the morning.  I’m fairly sure I’m going to have a few choice words to share about this when the alarm goes off at 2am but probably best to write them in the moment when I am feeling *what the actual friggidy frig was I thinking* so you get to enjoy my true emotions about it all.  Tonight will actually be lovely because we will just be able to have a nice dinner and a relax and chat about the trip before becoming glamourous hostages on the long haul flight tomorrow.

The truth is, despite the horrific rumours to the contrary – husband and I enjoy much of the same things, especially when travelling so there is no doubt in my mind we will have a truckload of good times and make a gazillion awesome memories to get us through the next 20 yrs of marriage *cough cough* hell!!!!

It’s been an intense few weeks getting everything ready for today (and many grapes were sacrificed but all for a good cause….but WHEW I made it … *pause for applause*

I’m super excited and can’t wait to go.  Thanks for following along so far, hopefully the pretty pictures and ravings of a lunatic will keep you with me along the way.

Much love my pretties…xoxoxo!!!



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