I have questions – help a girl out????

Okay I don’t mean to be high maintenance but I have some questions that I need answered.  Please do a bitch a favour and either answer by commenting on the blog or on Facebook.

Lisa needs to know…..

  1. Will I really honestly exercise whilst away….or am I kidding myself and should just leave the lycra at home?
  2. How early in the day is it ok to partake in the bubbly stuff (or skull it down down down) whatever works right?
  3. If a lovely young lady sees a “Hot Young Italian God” in a bar…..how does she say “How about it?” in Italian…… *asking for a friend*
  4. How much of a crime against fashion is it to wear jeans and sneakers???  If  all photos are taken from the ankle up and there is no photographic evidence does that mean it didn’t happen?
  5. Are bras totally mandatory on a daily basis whilst on tour….or just a vague suggestion? …. *asking for Craig*
  6. How many times can you wear underwear before it becomes socially “unacceptable” to do so????
  7. How many times can I have a “headache” before husband wises up to my “get out of jail free” card antics?
  8. What’s the realistic ratio of cute-ness versus comfort???  How much glamazon factor should I sacrifice for Suzy-tourist comfort?  By this I mean…..are pearls suitable for any occasion….even breakky?
  9. Should I try new and unusual foods or when exhausted, is it best to stick with tried and true eating my body weight in pizza????
  10. Okay this is serious shit….How much romance can husband reasonably expect throughout the 3 week trip?  For realz???? I mean it’s my anniversary too right?
  11. Will you judge me if you see me in the same outfit for 5 days in a row on the blog?  5 days being conservative…obviously lol….!!!!!

Okay my glorious AMAZON loves…..go forth and help me!!!!!!  What would you actually do my “Sweet-Queens” with all of the above?





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