About Us


Hi, I’m Lisa and this is ‘Husband’.  Welcome to our little travel blog.  And by “our” travel blog I mean “my” travel blog of course.  Husband just appears in the occasional photo, is the butt of ALL of my jokes throughout and pays for much of the trips (all of the trips but shhhh don’t tell him that).   He doesn’t even read the blog because he assumes I have nothing nice to say about him.  He’s a very wise man really.


Why read this blog…

Well if you came here for ~actual~ travel advice, boy did you come to the wrong place.

On this blog you’ll find:-

* pretty pictures of beautiful places

* a sprinkling of hotel, tour guide, restaurant recommendations

* the occasional travel do and don’t

* silly stories about the places we go and the things we see

* but mostly my sarcastic take on how I see the world and everything in it (with a side of potty mouth and laughter)

If the above sounds like “you” we are going to get along great and you’ll love it here.

Our travel style….

We love old things and history, good food and adult beverages, experiencing different cultures and wandering around soaking it all in.  Husband is a minimum 4 star kinda guy and I spend months researching places to stay that look like 4 star but cost alot less but in a great location.  I plan every day of a trip within an inch of it’s life (no I don’t include pee stops) because I hate the idea of wasting time each morning discussing “what we are going to do”.  And then once everything’s planned out – so long as it isn’t a “paid for event” I’m happy to throw the plan out the window, hit up an awesome bar and people watch.  So I plan like crazy so I know what the possibilities are and then happily scratch it and do something else if the mood takes us.  Husband likes to shop (yukkkk) and I love a good tour guide.  It’s often the meals that create the greatest memories for us so alot of review reading goes into choosing where to eat and drink.

Essentially we are “foodie/boozy tourists”!!!

Last but not least – About us….

We are a travel obsessed couple living in Canberra, Australia.  We’ve been married for far too long and are the parents of 2 older kids who we’ve dragged along on many amazing trips.  Now that we are almost thank the lord empty nesters and our baby birds are just as ungrateful and whiny as everyone else’s big baby birds – we’ve decided to leave them behind and travel as a couple.  This means we can travel more often, see the things we want to see without the whinging (well husband whinges a little) and essentially we are spending their inheritance *one trip at a time*……(if you can call a mound of debt, 20 year old furniture, a spoilt dog and a bag of chips an inheritance).

By day I’m a children’s photographer and by night I’m a champagne superhero, trip planning diva.  Husband, hmmm not sure what he does by day but it pays okay and by night he’s a couch lying, in bed asleep by 8.30pm legend!


If you are still here and the above sounds like fun to you – then welcome to the insane asylum that is our travel blog – The Kelly’s on Tour.  Enjoy!!!

P.S. and if you are reading this and you are someone who wants to send us on free trips or give me money for travelling then WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME – I think we are going to be lifelong friends!!!  Yoohoo Qantas, Tripadvisor, Mediavine, anyone….over here!!!!