Day 4 – Exploring out in the Countryside 1 January, 2013

(2018 UPDATE – Wow friends, I was super enthusiastic and annoyingly upbeat back then.  I mean, I still liked my children and my husband and just had a happy zest for life.  I had a think about this and put it down to my kids only being 14 & 10 (they are now 20 & 16 – pass the bottle of booze, and then another bottle please) and maybe my bullshit-o-meter hadn’t tapped out just yet.  Who even was I?  All I know is I must have been really really hard to be around back then with all my sunshiny-ness and unicorn rainbows.  I’m so sorry guys, thanks for hanging in there and guess what, good news…..6 years later I am now the blackhearted, cynical, potty mouthed, people hating BITCH I was always meant to be.  You’re welcome!!!)

New 2018 comments in Pink

So after the most delicious sleep in for us all we slowly got up and had a lovely brunch. The main event for today was a bus tour out into the countryside and I was very excited to explore.  Yes I know bus tours aren’t high on everyone’s list but if you find the right tour they are such a good way to get to see alot in one day and if you aren’t used to driving in snowy conditions which we obviously are not – then it’s ideal!


First up we crossed the St. Lawrence River which simply looks so amazing with all the frozen bits and headed to Ile d’Orleans which is an island off of Quebec City. It was one of the first areas to be settled by the French and a large percentage of French Canadians can trace their ancestry to early residents of the island.

This island was so pretty. With around 12,000 residents, nearly each and every house is like a postcard. So quaint and pretty. Just when I thought I had seen the perfect house that I would want to live in, we would go past the next one and the next one and the next one.






I seriously think this island was the highlight of our time on the bus tour and perhaps the whole of Quebec. I know I simply don’t have the words to describe how stunning the area was. And the worse thing is that since much of the time was in the bus and I was so completely in a love bubble over the place, I barely have a photo to show for it.

I definitely think the snow topped roofs and Christmas decorations added a sweetness to the whole place that would be missing in summer but it would seem that in summer the area is extremely popular for holidaying. The houses aren’t that expensive and seriously, if I had a few extra hundred thousand dollars, I would be investing it there hahaha. It was truly beautiful.



Afterwards we headed to the Montmorency Falls. These falls are reported to be highly than Niagara but since they aren’t nearly as wide and impressive they aren’t quite as famous. With that said, they were still very beautiful . Partially frozen, with the water area below being completely frozen, they were quite a sight to behold.




IMG_1180We also went up the top of the falls and were able to walk across the suspension bridge that went all the way over. It was a little out of the height hating Shuttergirl family’s comfort zone but a must do so we were very keen. It was an incredible view and very much a worthwhile terrifying effort. Husband seriously would’ve been inching along on his hands and knees if it wasn’t so snowy and cold haha.











Afterwards we headed to a wonderful little bread mill and got to sample their bread with the most delicious maple butter spread on it. Simple at a $1.00 per slice but so tasty. Maple butter could be my new favourite thing.


Then the final stop on the tour was St. Anne Beaupre Basilica. What a stunning church this is. I have not seen anything quite like this beautiful building. The stained glass, the amazing stone work, the high ceilings, the tile work – the whole thing was a piece of art. I walked around with my mouth hanging open in awe.








What was strange about this church is it sort of had an underground chapel as well which was equally as stunning with it’s unique ceiling details and the way it was lit was absolutely magical.




Afterwards we headed back to Quebec City, snoozing on the way.

This was a truly excellent bus tour, I am so glad we did it as we got to see so much of the countryside and most especially I will forever be thinking about living in a precious cottage on Ile d’Orleans, what a dream come true that would be.  Still dreaming about this years later.

For dinner we headed back to the Irish pub for some comfort food and oh yes indeed, some more of that good value jug o beer hahahaha.

Highs – Ile d’Orleans, St. Anne Beaupre Basilica, Montmorency

Lows – I just simply can’t think of one for today, oh perhaps standing beside the river and the bitter wind, that’s all I can think of, oh and yes my cold was getting a whole lot worse today

Day 5 of this trip was a bit of a non event

Sick, Sick, Sick – Finally this cold has well and truly caught up with me. I could not lift my head off the pillow this morning, let alone drag myself out of bed. I did try but Husband forbid me from getting up and going outside today. This was to be the coldest day we had seen with a low of -23 forecast and a real temperature of -32. Since I was finding it hard to breath and was a complete snot monster it was probably the best thing.

So Hubster, god bless him, took the son out for a big wander in the morning and then brought him back and then took the daughter out shopping for the afternoon. Finally in the afternoon I got up and did the packing which is becoming increasingly difficult with all the purchases being made by said husband haha. It was challenging to get it all done but finally we were packed and I needed another nap.

I did manage to walk down into the town for dinner and could definitely feel that the cold outside had moved to a whole other level from what we had experienced on previous days. A quiet Italian dinner and then it was back to the room for some sleep. We have a crazy early start in the morning.

And on a final note – I had no idea that one person could have so much mucus in the body hahahaha. That’s a nice note to leave you on right.

Highs – well if you are going to be sick, may as well have a view of a pretty city like Quebec

Lows – sick, sick, sick


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