Day 3 – New Years Eve 31 December, 2012

(2018 UPDATE – Wow friends, I was super enthusiastic and annoyingly upbeat back then.  I mean, I still liked my children and my husband and just had a happy zest for life.  I had a think about this and put it down to my kids only being 14 & 10 (they are now 20 & 16 – pass the bottle of booze, and then another bottle please) and maybe my bullshit-o-meter hadn’t tapped out just yet.  Who even was I?  All I know is I must have been really really hard to be around back then with all my sunshiny-ness and unicorn rainbows.  I’m so sorry guys, thanks for hanging in there and guess what, good news…..6 years later I am now the blackhearted, cynical, potty mouthed, people hating BITCH I was always meant to be.  You’re welcome!!!)

New 2018 comments in Pink

The good news about this visit to Quebec is that we don’t have to be up and out the door early the whole time we are here.  Sucks to be me because the family are definitely making the most of it – much to my frustration since I struggle to truly sleep in. OMFG – get UPPPPPP!!!

While I was waiting for them to all bloody wake up – this was my view, not too shabby loves….


I finally dragged the sloths out of bed and we went to a local bakery for breakfast. We had the most delicious cheese and bacon bread. It was a sour dough style of bread with cheese and bacon pieces baked inside. Deeeeelish!


After filling our tums we decided to explore some more and headed through the snowy streets.  Some little details…




We were headed towards The Chateau Frontenac which is this amazing hotel set high up on the hill which was built in 1893. It is such a beautiful building, so majestic. It almost looks like a castle. It was very traditional and lovely inside but the exterior was what was truly stunning.  Would’ve been nice to stay here but hey, I have children to educate and champagne to buy…




We walked along the boardwalk near there overlooking the St. Lawrence River which was a mass of frozen ice and was flowing very quickly. Watching the ferry’s cross over was so interesting, the way they fight against the tide upstream and then once they are halfway, they float along with the tide.


We then watched some very crazy people have a go at the massive big ice slide/toboggan thing. It was so high and went so fast and to say the structure was “thrown together” would not be out of line. Yikes!!! Our kids wanted to have a go at it but there simply was no way at all. They weren’t happy with the mummy and daddy but we just thought it wasn’t safe.  Looking back at these photos – I may have been in overprotective “care whether the kids live or die mode”.  If I was there now I’d be like, hell yeah go break something, I don’t care….


After we finished here we hopped on this weird little contraption called a Furnicular which is like an elevator that goes down the side of the hill at an angle. The members of the family who don’t like heights weren’t too sure but we braved it and were glad we did. It was a great way to get down to the “lower town” of Quebec.  Not gonna lie, the height hating husband of the house was not a fan of this situ and I’m not saying he cried but I’m not saying he didn’t tear up either…


Views of the river from the furnicular


The furnicular took us down to the most pretty street in the whole of Quebec City – Quartier Petit Champlain. Seeing wintery pictures of this street were what finally convinced me we had to visit this city. The street is lined with all little boutiques with cute little wooden signs hanging outside of each store. Every single doorway and window was decorated for Christmas and truly festive.


We stumbled across this strange “sweet” fast food set up where a man had a wooden tray filled with crushed ice and he was pouring some warm golden stuff in a straight line right along the ice. It looked kind of like honey or treacle but turned out to be Maple Taffy. Small portions then get wound around an icy pole stick like a lollipop. The ice is there to quickly cool the taffy down and it is a truly delicious little treat. What a fun and unusual thing and oh so yummy.


We saw the Notre Dame des Victories, a beautiful little Catholic church that was built in 1687. Such lovely craftsmanship and a sweet little church.


We then headed to a little crepe place for lunch. These crepes were not like any crepe we had tried before. Paper thin and delicious. Husband and I tried savoury ones and of course the kids went with strawberries and ice cream. Yum.

Some more wandering of the streets and shopping and we then headed back to the hotel for a big rest.


Soon it was time to get ready to go out for New Years Eve. I had booked us into a restaurant that had great reviews that was on the Grand Allee which is where all the New Years Eve action is concentrated. We were going to walk here but since it was not in an area we were confident we could find easily we set off a bit earlier. The snow was falling from the minute we left the hotel.

The snow here is just awesome, I love it. Nothing more can be said to explain it. It’s definitely a life highlight to enjoy it.

The Grand Allee was alot closer than we thought so it was a pleasant walk in the evening. Once we arrived to the area we were surprised to see so much going on. All of the restaurants and bars were lit up, many of the bars had outdoor “ice bars” set up which were pretty cool.


There was a ferris wheel which the kids just had to go on. Husband and I sat that out, we both aren’t fans of ferris wheels. The kids loved it and said the views across Quebec at night were beautiful. There was such a party atmosphere everywhere but very family orientated which I liked.


Above our restaurant was a bar and the guest DJ that night was going to be Boy George. Husbo and I were a little spewing we had the kids with us, would’ve been fun to check that out hehe. OMG 2018 Lisa so would’ve shoved the kids back into a locked hotel room and said “bye bitches” as we went and Karma Chameleoned our way into the New Year!


The restaurant we were booked in with was the Cosmos Cafe and it was lovely. Very modern upmarket vibe but with a really broad menu with something for everyone. It was so good to finally see some nice asian meals on a menu. Husband and I had both been craving stir fries and asian salads and flavours.


I may have been a few glasses or hey, probably bottles, in by this stage….


We had a few drinks, some lovely food and a fun evening. Once it was time to wander home the kids and I had a little snow fight but ever sensible daddy put a stop to it quick smart because the kids didn’t have snow pants on and he didn’t want them walking home wet. Party pooper lol.  Okay 2018 Lisa calls BULLSHIT on this last sentence.  Husband was being such a cranky wanker at this point.  Yes the kids had been sick a few days before and yes they didn’t have waterproof clothing on but hey, it’s New Years Eve in Quebec City and there is a ton of snow and we have never had a snowball fight before and if they catch pneumonia they catch it – surely it’s going to be worth it hahaha.  The kids and I still talk about Grumpy Daddy from this night….

Once home the sleepy head of the family aka FUN-DOUCHEBAG-POLICE was soon in bed SNORING LIKE A BITCH so the kids and I stayed up until midnight. I admit to nodding off a few times while watching the tv but hey, I’m getting old hahaha. We did make it to midnight which I think was the son’s first time to see in a new year which was very exciting for him. Big kisses and Happy New Year’s all round then finally crawling into bed for a big sleep.

I love the beginning of a new year. I always feel a little excited at the possibilities the new year may bring. It’s a clean slate, anything bad from the previous year is wiped, the new year is pristine and exciting and full of promise.  And hopefully a lotto win or at least a richer second husband is in my future!!!

Highs – Cosmos Cafe, beautiful snow, the possibilities a new year brings

Lows – having the snowball fight cut short, feeling like this cold is getting worse

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