Amazingly… 45 days….husband and I will be jetting out of Canberra, Australia – away from our precious babies for the first time – on the adventure of a lifetime.  Well not exactly of a lifetime, but our first adventure without the children which sounds amazing and a little scary all at the same time right hahahaha.  Clearly if we survive this time alone with each other….a medal will be in order.

Husband and I will be heading to Italy for the most part, a little bit of Germany with a day trip to Austria – for a total of 3 glorious child free weeks – to celebrate 20 years of Marital Bliss (well it hasn’t all been bliss but you know what I mean).  It’s a pretty big deal to be married for 20 years you know…..these days not everyone is mad in the head enough to lumber themselves with the same person for so bloody long.  Noone is more surprised than us that we’ve made it this far hahaha so a celebration trip was definitely in order!!!!

Here we are on our wedding day – aren’t we adorbs…..


We will be heading off on our “couple-dom anniversary adventure” to test the waters of the next phase of our lives!!!!  The next phase being “without kids” of course!  It will be an interesting challenge for us both hehehe….I feel sure there will be some “moments” along the way but I try to be a cup half full kinda gal so fingers crossed we don’t kill each other hahahaha. With this new upcoming trip dynamic, it’s been a big adjustment for the family, well not Craig and I hehe…..more the little people (apparently the kids are no longer speaking to us…they are disgusted that we are refusing to let them freeload off us on trips any longer lol)

All of this poses lots of questions when I think about it.  Craig and I have only ever done maybe 2 weekends away without the kids, at the same time……EVER!!!!!!  We moved away from “family” when Liv was only 1 and since then have really not had too many opportunities to do the whole “couple” thing.  And when family came to visit rather than thrusting the babies into their arms and saying “see ya bitches” like normal people…. we tried to be good family members who pretended we wanted to spend time with them and stayed in town and did the whole tourist guide thing…..for the past umpteen years!!!!!  It’s fair to say we deserve some kind of award right!!!!

So the trip planning is now in full swing and the nerves are setting in.  How will we spend 3 weeks solely in the company of each other????  I mean alcohol will be needed….alot….obvi…!!!!  And having travelled with the man quite a few times now, I know to keep him happy/meltdown free he will require lots of regular snacks, naps, tv time and early nights (he sounds alot like a toddler lol).  Surely my husband isn’t the only man out there who needs to be managed in this way whilst on holiday hehe???  So really I guess I have a plan in place for smooth sailing.  I wonder if he is putting as much thought into how to keep me happy/meltdown free hahahaha?  Who am I kidding…I’m like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way, as if I would have a meltdown and be anything but awesome!!!!!

This blog will just be something for me to do each night while we are away since husband goes to bed at like 6pm (he really does sound like a toddler…OMG!!!)  It will just be some pretty photos from the trip and my late night ramblings (and the occasional humorous rant!!!).  If you think this will be some cute lovefest of rekindled passion, sweet photos of us kissing, detailed 50 Shades of Grey chapters and a surprise vow renewal you are going to be soooo disappointed.  It’s not going to be a thing like that, not a damn thing.  But if you’ve met me surely you already know that right!!!!!  So I caution you now, if you are looking for a romantic tale or if you are all Team Craig and aren’t prepared to read the occasional “Craig is a Diva” rant…..back slowly away now!!!!  I’ll give you a minute to leave….

Ok, if you are still reading – Welcome!!!!!  You are my PEOPLE!!!!

Hopefully this trip will be another incredible overseas adventure – as all of our previous trips have been.  I am enjoying the trip planning immensely….it’s nearly as much fun as the actual trip.  It’s definitely been weird not planning it for the babies as well and I have no doubt Craig and I will miss them and wish they were there with every fabulous thing we see.  With that said it will be exciting and all very “grown up” to just have the two of us and all jokes aside it will be good to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company (fingers crossed lol).  The majority of our friends are in the same boat – our kids are getting older and all too soon our nests will be empty.  It’s just the next stage of the journey I guess so follow along with us and have a good laugh as you watch the Kelly’s test the waters…and try not to kill each other!

And gosh darnit…..trips are a hell of alot cheaper for just two people!!!!  Who knew???

I may not keep this blog strictly trip oriented….no doubt there will be times I need to have a good rant about life in general on occasion but hopefully you will forgive me and still keep following along….so buckle up bitches, lower the cone of silence, sign the non disclosure agreement, don’t take anything I say too seriously and let’s do this thing!!!

Much love to you all and blessings… will need this to survive the journey with The Kelly’s hahahaha xoxoxo

P.S. to the Craig lovers of the world (surely there can’t be too many lol)….not every post while we are away will be a Craig-bashing fest I promise but it was important to let you know it was a distinct possibility as we go on.  And I probs won’t share the blog link with him hehe.  Hopefully I’m too busy checking out the hot Italian men to notice whether husband is being annoying or not hehehe.  I pray that is the case!!!!!!


Coming soon to the blog…..”To selfie stick or not to selfie stick”, “I like taking photos of my food in restaurants so shoot me”, “Packing…what’s not to love” and my personal fave “Where do I find the hot Italian men to ogle”

Written by thekellysontour
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