(From our trip in April 2018)

One of husband’s absolute fave things is visiting supermarkets when we are in other countries.  Seeing the things that we think are random and weird is such a great insight into everyday life so a local supermarket was our first destination for the day.


Apparently the locals are super keen on little packaged snacks of various types – they think they are perfect for picnics and on the go eating which they do alot of because their homes are small

Ummmm, what even am I seeing here

I was absolutely loving all of the visual and colours of the spices and herbs but can we talk about the issues of people shoving their filthy paws in these things.  Ewwww





One of the things that I was most surprised about was the lack of packaging in the fresh food areas.  Eggs just in massive plastic crates, so many breakages – seems like a super weird storage system to me.


Now can we talk about the meat….(gag, shudder, ewww).  Houston we have a Hygiene problem.  Look at all this meat just hanging around, people coughing all over everything, dust flying, dripping nose snot and can we talk about how much the meat still looks like the animal.  I’m just a big fat no on this.  When I buy meat, I want it to no longer resemble that it was in fact an animal of any kind.  Just say no!!!



So many shudders!




And WHAT (I can’t stress this enough) the actual FUQ is this bloke doing!!!  Look at him rummaging around in the meat with his nasty ass hands (I’m immediately imagining him  with one hand wiping his ass and the other hand….whoops no, back the truck up on that imagination girlie.  Abort ~ that imagery just went too far).  Anyway, dude just DON’T!!!  I was mesmerised by his disgustingness but then I realised that this is how everyone chooses their meat. Yuk!   Not gonna lie, just became a vegetarian, no actually whilst in China maybe I’ll just be an air-etarian.  Gross….!!!


Next up was the live swimmy fishy section.  Did I mention that I don’t like to have to hunter gather my friggin food people.


No word of a lie I walk past this fish section and one literally jumps out of the tank and lands almost on my head.  I of course handled myself with bravery, no I didn’t, I squealed like a little bitch and jumped.  I really must’ve embarrased myself and not handled myself with my usual style and grace because one of the nearby staff members got up a cackle to rival the Wicked Witch of the West which brought even more attention to me.  Meanwhile the shark that attacked me (well not a shark exactly, more like a little baby shark, okay well it felt like a shark attack but I guess it was a little kinda fish) was flip flopping around on the ground chasing me up the aisle all to the music of the Jaws soundtrack I swear!!!!

Here, hold my dignity while I go change my panties, brb.

After this insane supermarket visit we headed an hour or so out of town to the Ford Motor Company Test Track.  This was pretty exciting stuff – our friend who we were staying with works here, actually I think he was kinda the boss type guy of building this car castle of some sort so we were going to get a private tour around the facility.  Yep look at me living my best VIP life car loving bitches.



We were in one section where all the cars where covered in Secret Squirrel stuff so you couldn’t make out what you were exactly looking at.  This is where all the new stuff happens and gets tested and it was kinda sexy!!!  I’m sure a true car lover would’ve been drooling over this area but given I can barely drive I suspect it was a little lost on me.  No photos allowed here though – upon threat of death!

We then got to be driven around the test track and I have to say that was sexy bananas even for me.  It was so interesting – all of the different testing they put the cars through to make sure they will survive even the shittiest grey nomad driver out there.

Next up we were taken to a nearby small local place in the town of Yaxi for lunch.  We were super excited to try the food and our friend ordered lots of delicious dishes for us.  The place was definitely a little light on with the Martha Stewart fitout however the food was great.



The only problem set in when I of course needed to go to the toilet (damn you smallest bladder in the world).  When I say the toilet was “authentic” I may be talking tongue in cheek!!!  It was more like a Disney Freaking Nightmare.  I have no words, none, nil…..let the pictures do the talking right here.


You’ve gotta know my thighs did not touch this padded toilet seat of hell!



What even is that rag on the top of the toilet – over the flush button mind you.  Gag vommy gag!!!


Face says it alllllllllIMG_5903

After having a lobotomy to remove that toilet disaster from my brain we headed to a small old village called Qi Qiao.  Don’t let the fancy entrance fool ya….this was to be a truly authentic Chinese experience and since I’m writing this after the whole trip is complete I can say with complete sincerity that this was my hands down favourite experience of the whole trip.





I loved this gorgeous old wooden bridge that dated back to 1358 and it truly reminds you that things were built with so much more integrity back in those days.  Our workmanship these days falls very short in comparision.


As a photographer – all of the stone, faded wood, grime and delicious ramshackleness (is that a word?) had me so enthralled.  I wanted to capture ALL.THE.THINGS!!!





This is the cover of our 80’s boy band album






There was soooo much to see and absorb and quite honestly delight in.  The details and the character were incredible.












But the absolute best bit about this little village were the people.  Some were keen to chat thanks to my friends and their very good Chinese, and hey I have to say I’m getting a little bit better with some decent basics.





Other’s didn’t really want to chat but I was just mesmerised by every single person and wondered about their story.  Love this old cranky guy.


We met these people who were very pleased to chat away and what totally made my day, my week, my month and even my year (you know you just sang the Friend’s song there lol) was that they thought I was my girlfriend’s daughter bahahaha.  I can now die a happy woman because that is GOLD!!!  Is my friend laughing in these photos or is that a tear I see sliding down her cheek lol.1O4A9005




So I met this incredible lady when we stepped inside what I imagine is like the village’s recreation type room.  People were sitting inside watching something on the TV.  This lady was quite intrigued by us Westerners and came over to sit and chat.  She had a great sense of humour, seemed to really love a laugh and thanks to my friends were we able to have a bit of a conversation.  She doesn’t look too bad for 86 does she.



The funniest part was as we were sitting there trying to chat she kept patting my boob.  She did it quite a few times and I would look over at my girlfriend and laugh and she would say in English “she doesn’t realise she’s touching your boob”.  I mean I wasn’t worried at all but it did give me the giggles.  Anyway at the end of hanging out we got up and hugged and I swear to god that crafty old crone groped my opposite boob.  I walked out of there in hysterical laughter!!!  She clearly had never seen knockers as big as mine and she wanted to have a little explore and feel to make sure they were real.

She bloody knew EXACTLY what she was doing!!!


If that’s how your freak flag flies lady….you do you honey!!!!

Next up….the yukkiest, scariest toilets EVER!!!  This literally may be a hazmat suit situation my friends.  Apparently this is where everyone in the village goes to well….GO!!!  I’m getting the idea that the Chinese aren’t shy about nudity or bodily functions.  I’m just a big fat HELL NO on this one.  (and just thank your lucky stars that smell-o-vision isn’t a thing)

After spending so many hours wandering around it was time to head to somewhere for more exploring and dinner.  We had a wander around the Lao Mendong area – really old rundown streets that are apparently about to be torn down right next to very modern built up shopping areas.  I have to say after a good walk around I guess I can see why.


This man and the cutest dog ever…..I just can’t with the genuine realness of it all.

We then had a stroll around some shops – look at me being an angel.  I’m sure you aren’t surprised lol.

and headed to NZ Hamburgers for dinner.  Such a weird place to find in the middle of a non-touristy city.  Food was good.




After dinner it was raining but since this was our last night in Nanjing we had one more awesome area to explore so off we headed to see Fuzi Miao.  The crowds were insane!!!  The rain clearly didn’t stop everyone else either.  The gorgeous Dragon Lights over Qin Huai and the riverboats were so wonderful to see.  Everything looks beautiful lit up at night.





The porcelain pagoda at night looked amazing




Well what a day – the most spectacular way to end our time in Nanjing.  We have seen more in these 5 days than I expected to see in the whole trip.  We are EX-HAUSTED…but blissfully so.  We couldn’t be more grateful to our friends, The Young’s for opening their homes, their hearts and their city to us.  We would never have been able to get what I truly believe was a genuine glimpse into Chinese life without them.  I’m so thankful and ready for the next leg of this adventure.

Thanks for following along and stay tuned for what’s next……Shanghai baby!!!



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