(From our trip in April 2018)

After a huge sleep because yesterday was epic and exhausting, we were up and out the door for another day of torture sightseeing.  A lot of the big cities in China, and I guess all around the world where there is lots of pollution, work on an air rating system.  I am not a Rhodes Scholar on the subject but the lower the air rating for the day the better.  The higher the air rating, the “abort abort, don’t go out, build a bunker and live underground for 50 years while we try and fix the problem” alarm sounds in people’s heads.


Today was an air rating day of I believe a bit over 200 – in the scheme of things
200 = BAD!
People of normal health will ‘feel’ the pollution and outdoor activities are suggested to be skipped – so obvs like the geniuses we are we spent all day outside because….
of course we did.

Today we headed to Ming’s Tomb.  Apparently there are a few of these around China and each city claims to have the real one.  Since this is the only Ming’s Tomb I will be visiting I’m gonna say this is the real one oh-kkkkk.


Fun Facts (actually they aren’t fun, they are just facts)

  • One of the biggest Imperial tombs in China
  • Situated at the foot of Purple Mountain
  • Emperor Chengzu, the first Ming Emperor of the Ming Dynasty and his Queen are buried here
  • It took like 50 years to build (I bet the builder had to pay some serious overdues on that)

The grounds were full of beauitful temples, statues and gardens













My favourite part of the whole area was the Sacred Way – it was just so picturesque.   It is a path that’s around 800metres long and there are 24 stone animals along the walk guarding over everything.  I think they were going for a Noah’s Ark kinda theme as it was done 2 by 2 however if that’s the case I think they missed a few animals.  I did like that each animal was positioned differently, standing, lying, different postures.  I’m sure there is a much more mystical reasoning for all of this because the Chinese really love a good symbolic thought behind all of their statues etc.  From me though…it was just a stunning walk and the gardens were just pristine.  We were very lucky to not encounter many crowds here today which was apparently highly unusual so the universe is totally having my back on this holiday so far.






Have I mentioned there are lots of stairs here in China yet?  You’ll hear me ranting and raving throughout the whole trip about this annoyance.  I’m not trying to be dramatical or anything but haven’t the Chinese heard of travelators, lifts, flying machines.   Jeeeezzzzzuuuuussssss.  No wonder those emperors got carried everywhere, they sure were on to something with that little idea. (For those wondering, husband refused my suggestion that I was an Empress and should be carried as such).


The flat part is where the emperor was carried down the stairs

After wandering around the truly beautiful gardens some more we caught a little bus up to the next big event here….Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s tomb.  He is kind of a big deal around here, something about being first President of China and appaz where his tomb is situated (approx.. 20 acres) is considered by many Chinese to be holy land so it was a must see.


There was a bit of construction going on at the base of all of this magnificence but I was assured once we headed up a few more steps, rounded a few more obstructed bends….that the tomb would rise up in all of it’s magestic glory.

Oh we rounded the bend alright but what greeted me was – you’ll never guess – ok yeah you might.  This was what greeted me…..I’ll pause for you to take it in before I continue….


Yep 392 more steps of HELL NOOOOOOO!!!  Straight away I was like “nup, not doing it” followed by “I’m Out” and ending with “Take a photo from the top for me”.  My friend thought I was joking but Husband could see from the face-itude I was throwing that I was done todaying for today and off they went.

I mean….I was gonna need a whole lot of Zac Efron with his shirt off and hard liquor to even consider those stairs.  We ain’t in Philly and this ain’t no Rocky Balboa victory run.  I wasn’t having it so I stayed where I was and sat on the steps people watching like a boss.




What happened while they were gone was awesome.  Once I had ditched the “baggage” so to speak, people started coming up to me wanting selfies with me.  It was a glorious transition into the fame whore I always knew I was meant to be.  I seriously want all the selfie fame – all of the time!  I mean puh-lease…..fame level was almost at Taylor Swift without Kanye interrupting.  I was in my total element but I couldn’t help wondering – I hope these folks are running some serious filterage across these before sharing me with the world.  Apparently being generously proportioned and bottle blond is a celebrated status here in China ::pack my bags, I’m moving here::  The Empress has arrived!

Here is the photos from the top of the tomb taken by husbandido…..you can just make out my little cute self down the bottom.  This was after I told the paps to back up off me – no more photos please.




For fun on the way back down we photo bombed some group shots which we thought was HILARIOUS!!!!!



I really enjoyed seeing all that this wonderful area had to offer, I can definitely see why it’s so popular with tourists.

Just another mandatory toilet selfie for ya’ll from today because I’m not going through this seventh circle of hell on my own…..taking you barstards with me!!!


In the afternoon we headed to another wet market, a slightly bigger one this time and it was just as visually interesting as yesterday.



Mmmm yummy…..eeeek




And they have cats, so there’s that….eeeek.


Here kitty kitty

Pineapple lady takes the medal for awesomeness today.  I mean….this is so extra!

On the way in we saw this old bird sitting with another old bird selling her wares.  I thought the chicken must be dead so was very sad to see it kind of move a little.  It was definitely almost dead.  There are some definite challenges of the humane kind to wrap my head around in this country that’s for sure.  I couldn’t help thinking who the hell will buy that chicken.  We went into the market and then when we came out the police had arrived to ask her to move along.  She picked that chicken up by the feet whilst yelling at the cops and  no word of a lie she shoved that poor bird into a woollies shopping bag and stomped off.  Just another crazy China moment I guess.



After that we popped home for a rest…..the glamour never stops folks….


We headed into Nanjing city itself.  The place was jumping in the evening, scooters were EVERY.WHERE!!!!




We wandered along a little street food market but as we were headed to a dinner reservation we looked but didn’t scoff.  We love this sort of thing and all of our senses were going crazy, the noise, the crowds, the smells (not all good lol), the everything!








We had a lovely Vietnamese dinner (because of course we did, eating Chinese in China is so 2007), had a fun night catching up some more with our friends and honestly it was just nice to let my poor feet just stop crying for an hour or so.

Then home to bed before this madness starts ago tomorrow.

Lady out!!!



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